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Advanced Level SEO Training Program (with Google’s Latest Panda and Penguin Updates Including Proven SEO Techniques)

Everyday millions of people across the globe search the internet and browse websites. Whether it is for entertainment, information or to purchase products; if you are not online, you are literally being left behind. On the other end of the spectrum, millions of website owners or online businesses, utilize every resource available in order to properly promote their website/business online. These millions of online business owners need SEO consultants in order to be truly successful.

If you have decided to learn SEO or Digital Marketing, you are well on your way to a successful career. Learning SEO through the proper channels, like the CIA institute, ensures you a prosperous future, accompanied by a healthy income.

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A Three Step Course, for a Better Life: Learn, Implement, and Earn

With our three simple steps, you can become an industry leader in the field of Internet Marketing, in as little as a few months. Our course was designed in a unique way, to not only teach you book smarts and theory; but also show you how to implement specific techniques that are guaranteed to make you money.
Our course includes specialized activities like role playing, detailed case studies with well documented and proven results. You will understand how to begin a competitor’s analysis, one very important process to undertake, in order to truly understand how Internet marketing really works. We present you practical guidance, and offer you an enjoyable learning environment, by using presentations, videos and audio. Above all else, our course makes learning and understanding easy and fun.

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Increase your Earning Potential

Our three step course has been tried, tested and proven that’s why we are presenting it to you! Our course was designed with everyone, and every situation in mind. We help you earn money in every area – you can earn from a fulltime or part time job; apply for top Marketing jobs, successfully launch your own online business or improve your current one. Even better, you can work from home freelancing and blogging. The sky truly is the limit with Digital Marketing.


Google Analytics is empowering!

We understand our data trends better and make smart decisions faster.


On Page Optimization


On page Optimization:

Make your Website Search Engine and User Friendly

On page optimization focuses on two important aspects of a webpage; which are content and the structure of the webpage. In order for a website to be picked up by the search engines, it needs well written and engaging content that are in sync with the products and/or services being offered. This includes well researched keywords, correct use of Meta tags, title tags and the like.


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Webmaster Central shows me just where we rank on Google. It's extremely valuable.


Off Page Optimization


Off page Optimization:

Learn Over 25 Proven Techniques to Promote your Website

When it comes to off page optimization, we are dealing with several different ways to promote a website. In order to successfully promote a website with off page optimization, a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, (link wheels, link bating) must be understood. Knowing what a search engine expects will bring a website higher authority.

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Course Modules: Why our Modules are Different

Our course modules are completely unique, and the reason for this is simple:

We believe in offering advanced knowledge, and insider secrets that help our students maximize their earning potential tenfold. Becoming a student means you learn SEO from the experts; experts who have proven their techniques work, time and time again. We understand SEO, we understand how the search engines operate; but above all else, we understand the intricacies of marketing online.
Our course modules were drafted so students could easily understand, learn and finally, implement their knowledge in the industry. Our teachers at Compete InfoTech have years of experience under their belt, and students are given full access to resources, such as computers, the Internet and even extra classes for hands on experience.

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