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Course Duration: 2 Months

Classes: Twice a week for 2 hours

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What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the driving force in a nation’s economy. Entrepreneurs are meeting the economic needs through the creation of new businesses every year. Successful entrepreneurship, however, requires more than merely luck and money. It is a cohesive process of creativity, risk taking, and planning. Creating and growing a new venture is a task that few individuals are able to accomplish, but managing its growth is another matter. We offer Advance level Google adsense course and Google adsense training program through online and classroom class. Student rated us as India's best Google adsense training institute in Kolkata.

Our Objective:

To encourage entrepreneurship among the trainees and build necessary confidence in them so as to promote micro-enterprises to stand on their own and also provide employment opportunities to others and ultimately participate effectively in augmentation of nation’s productivity. Also to create a income channel through Yourtube marketing and Google Adsense program.

    • What is a business?
    • Who is an entrepreneur?
    • Introduction to the course module
    • Course Objectives
    • Entrepreneurship - Introduction and Importance
    • The Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    • Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Creative Thinking
    • Barriers to Creative Thinking
    • Case Study
    • Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
    • Group Dynamics
    • Managing own business
    • Communicating
    • Making the best use of my time
    • Practicing business ethics
    • Sizing up the market
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • Corporations
    • Other Forms of Ownership
    • Franchising
    • Franchising – Types of Franchising
    • Benefits of buying a franchising
    • Drawbacks
    • The right way to buy a franchise
    • Trends shaping franchising
    • Steps in acquiring a business
    • Evaluating an existing business
    • Methods for determining the value of a business
    • Understanding the seller’s side
    • Negotiations and closing the deal
    • Why develop a business plan?
    • The elements of a business plan
    • The benefits of preparing a plan
    • Case/Group Dynamics
    • Matching your skills with business
    • Assessing demand
    • Observing rules and regulations
    • Human resources – Hiring people to work
    • Material resources – The things you need
    • Time management and planning
    • Compilation of Business Plan
    • Financial resources – How you find and manage your money
    • Basic profit and loss accounting
    • Cash flow management
    • Financial planning and forecasting for the entrepreneur
    • Dealing with inconsistent cash flow – provisions and rule of 6 months in the bank as “float”
    • Personal financial planning
    • Budgeting – personal and business budgeting
    • How to start a budget
    • Deviating from the budget – the importance of float and basic contingency planning
    • Estimating cost and setting a price
    • Where to Invest.
    • How to maximize ROI.
    • The Internet and e-business
    • Components of information system
    • Development and use of information systems
    • What is SOHO?
    • SOHO networks in action
    • Ubiquitous Computing
    • What is ubiquitous computing
    • Development of ubiquitous computing.
    • Case discussion
    • Contacting your clients and partners with information and communication technology (ICT)
    • Internet revolution
    • The role of intranet
    • The role of extranet.
    • Introduction to e-commerce
    • E-commerce fundamentals
    • Retailing in E-Commerce
    • Products and services
    • Issues in e-tailing
    • How to create effective business through internet.
    • Tips and Tricks to be a successful Online Entrepreneur.
    • Learn how to promote your business online.
    • How to gain huge clients through your business website.
    • Learn Affiliate Marketing
    • In-depth of Digital Marketing
    • Internet Marketing pros and cons.
    • Learn how to choose domain name and register with your personal or business identity details.
    • Domain name: your domain name can play a big role in the perceived quality, link worthiness, and click worthiness of your website.
    • Sub domains: can be used to feature stand out content or segregate different content types.
    • Managing your workplace
    • Different ways of communicating
    • Lead generation – clients
    • Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity
    • Moving and Handling Clients Safely
    • Manual Techniques to Assist Clients to Move from One Position to Another
    • Using Equipment to Assist Clients to Move from One Position to Another
    • Dealing with Unhappy Customers
    • Client objection handling.
    • Handling difficult clients.
    • How to create and handle Customer Care and Services Online
    • How to create a Long Term Business Relationship with Clients.
    • Principles of Human Resource Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Communicational Skills for Managers
    • How to train and develop your human resources
    • Industrial Relations and Labor Welfare
    • Compensation Management
    • Essentials of Human Resource Development
    • Human Aspects of Productivity
    • Counseling Skills for Managers
    • Allocating Works and Managing
    • Risk management in Details
    • Legal issues you need to consider when starting a business
    • Terms and conditions.
    • Latest Laws and legal solutions for you business.
    • Know to grow and protect yourself, your employees, legal ways to create business.
    • Important legal and compliance issues
  • We will develop you, guide you with all legal aspects to setup your business….
    • Learn how to design creative and eye catchy logo in all present file formats needed in this business industry.
    • Learn how to make your logo a brand for your Clients.
    • Internet access & HTML
    • Creating a web site
    • Building a web site
    • Adding content to web pages
    • Working with links
    • Enhancing navigation in a site
    • Managing and uploading a web site
    • Rollovers & navigation bars
    • Libraries
    • Head elements/ keyboard shortcuts
    • Style sheets
    • Layers
    • The history panel
    • Browser targeting / code tools
    • Creating forms
    • We will show and will guide you with live implementations on how to design user friendly websites in PHP, Wordpress, Joomla ,.Net, Drupal
    • Introduction to business on the net
    • Internet basics
    • Internet business strategy: corporate communication
    • Internet business strategy: marketing
    • Internet business strategy: direct sales
    • Getting connected
    • Internet strategic planning
    • Other benefits to connecting
    • Learn the basics of SEO, How to make your designs more search engine friendly, user friendly., Tips and Tips how to make only by SEO designs.
    • Learn how you can earn money through YouTube & Google Adsense Program online activities.
    • Learn how to bid on popular freelancing websites like freelancer.com, fiverr, elance.com, guru.com, getacoder.com, upwork.com etc.
    • Learn how to complete a project life cycle
    • Learn how to interact with your clients
    • Tips to manage quick reporting for technically strong clients.
    • Learn tips and techniques to manage whole SEO operation to manage SEO team leaders, Web designer team, content writer team, link building team, web developer team to execute the campaign successfully.

Detailed description About Course Benefits & Eligibility

The Advanced Google Adsense Training is mainly most popular among

  • Students of Graduation/Graduate
  • BE/B.Tech Engineering Students
  • BBA/MBA Management students who have Market as a specialization subject
  • Digital Marketing Beginners
  • Fresher or experienced Web Designers who want to know how to make a website search engine friendly for Search engine ranking
  • Fresher or experienced Website Developers who want to know how to make the website and coding search engine friendly for Search engine ranking
  • The person who wants to Earn Big Money using Internet and online promotion
  • Link Builders
  • Webmasters
  • Website Owners
  • IT / Software professionals who want to change their profession
  • Housewife who want to work from Home
  • 10+2 passed students who want to earn money along with Graduation course
  • Online Business owners
  • Business owners who wants more business through Internet and Google ranking
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to start their business
  • Fresher’s those are looking for Job
  • Experienced Direct Marketing persons who want to shift into office job
  • BPO professionals who wants to avoid Night shift and pressure
  • Copywriters or Content writers who need to learn how to write content for Digital Marketing
  • Marketing executive, Marketing manager, Marketing directors, Marketing consultants, Online advertiser
  • IT Managers who are taking care of Business website

Eligibility Criteria to Join in Our Advance level Google Adsense and Entrepreneurship Training Program

Any candidate with HS+ (10+2) educational qualification can start this course and avail the benefits of this course.

  • Most importantly, we required that the candidate keen to have a successful Digital Marketing and Internet marketing consultancy career in Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing industry.
  • Basic Computer and Internet Knowledge will be added advantage.

Successful Google Adsense Candidates Will Receive:

  • Compete Infotech Seal of Certification in your chosen subject.
  • Compete Infotech Certificate of Training (hard copy certificates).
  • A personalized Advance Google Adsense Training Certification Status Webpage.
  • A discount coupon towards others courses.
  • A personal Webpage in our website.
  • 3 copies of Updated Resume as a hard and soft copy (MS Word document and PDF) format
  • A website to show and implement live project activities

Program Fees: Rs.10,000 (Instalment facility available*)

Program Schedule:

Duration: 2-3 months (Twice a week)

Days Choice: Mondays & Wednesdays | Tuesdays & Thursdays | Saturdays & Sundays

Batch Timing: 10AM to 12PM | 12PM to 2PM | 3PM to 5PM | 5Pm to 7Pm | 7PM to 9PM

( You can choose any timing and any Days group as per your schedule)

How it Works (Easy 7 steps Action Plan to get Success)

Registration procedure:

Our registration process is an easy task of few minutes for fill-up a short application form along with all academic and required details. Your details will not share with anyone.

Course Selection:

Choose your course from our many other courses as per your area of expertise.

Easy Payment process:

You can pay us by Cash, Draft or cheque in favour of "Compete Infotech” or you can use our Paypal account to pay us. Our Paypal id – info@competeinfotech.com. To pay us through bank transfer – Please check our bank details here - http://www.competeinfotech.com/payment-option.html

Start Your Course as per schedule:

Within 24 of hours of your enrolment, you will get your class schedule and plan to start the class on time.

Start your own Live Project:

Start targeting the industry where you want to implement your Google Adsense skill to test your skill. You will learn to book domain and hosting to start a website from a scratch level of implementation.

Get Certification:

You will get certificate hard copy and dedicated seal to use any website and anywhere as a proof.

Attend Interview Call or Start Your Own Business:

After finished the course you will get interview call from many companies as per job availability on that periods. You can attend the interview to get job and start your Digital Marketing career or else you can start your own business setups. Both ways, we always support you.

Our Session and Training Schedule

Live project training

Learn how to make money online From A to Z with Live online project The best value for your money to invest on one to one course where you will learn how to earn passive income daily from home:

  • Learn from Digital Marketing industry experts
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the Digital Marketing course
  • Experienced Faculty and Support executives having knowledge for many years.
  • Completely flexible Schedule – You can pick your Day and Time

Course Fees: Rs.35, 000
(Market Standard Cost)

Our price: Rs.10,000

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class training

Learn Advanced Google Adsense training From A to Z with Live Digital Marketing project (Kolkata at Saltlake Centre). The best value for your money to invest on one to one Google Adsense

  • Learn from Digital Marketing & Google Adsense industry experts
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the Google Adsense course In Kolkata
  • Experienced Faculty and Support executives having knowledge for many years.
  • Completely flexible Schedule – You can pick your Day and Time

Course Fees: Rs.35, 000
(Market Standard Cost)

Our price: Rs.10,000

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online training

Lean Advanced home based earning techniques to earn from online. No need to wait for full time job. You can now earn from home and start your own business with any big investment. Make money online from affiliates, Google Adsense, Ecommerce website, sale products, and many more other ways. This training really open a door to earn money from home for Housewife’s, Retired person, Job seekers, full time employees, working professionals.

  • It’s not only learning, how to start an online business, While You will start your earning within your course.
  • Certificate of completion at the end of your Training.
  • Experienced Faculty and Support executives having knowledge for more than 10+ years.
  • Completely flexible Schedule – You can pick your Day and Time. Do it Online or Classroom based from anywhere.

Course Fees: Rs.35, 000
(Market Standard Cost)

Our price: Rs.10,000

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Frequently Asked QUESTION and Answers to Clear Your Doubts

You may have the following queries

What are the criteria to gain certified status?

We have evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. According to your score in every modules test and every success you will get from your live implementation program will ensure certificate owners with Grade.

How much money, I will earn in a month & how much time to work in a day?

You can expect Rs.5000 to Rs.5, 00, 000/Month initially. Though earning will depend on your time and skill investment.

Is this possible to do work or get jobs in home After Complete the Course?

Yes, our course modules designed such a way that you will get opportunity to identify the best home based jobs or to do freelancing job as per your convenient Time.

If I pursue Course from your institute what kind of job opportunities will you provide me or help me with?

As per our track record - All our candidates got job within 1month after the finishing the course. Also our course designed to explore 3way income opportunities like regular job and freelancing jobs as well as earning from affiliate marketing.

Is there any Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing jobs scope available in an outside India?

Please check the international job portal like http://www.jobsite.co.uk, www.indeed.com, www.seek.com.au, www.totaljobs.com, www.monster.com, www.simplyhired.com, www.reed.co.uk etc with searcho keywords like - smo, internet marketing, digital marketing, social media, link building, ppc, inbound marketing etc. Hope you will get an idea about what kind of job opportunity there and how many different company offering good pay package for Internet marketing professionals.

What is the basic sill set required before enrolling me for the course?

Basic computer knowledge along with proficiency in surfing internet will help to enrol into our different programs.

Is there any Flexible Timing for working professionals?

Yes, we have both Weekdays and Weekend classes. You can avail our 7pm to 9pm Course schedules in weekday’s class schedules. Or you can choose class timing within Saturday and Sunday. We are flexible as per your requirements so that you can manage both regular fulltime job and class schedules.

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