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Our Course Modules

Learn positive characteristics and White Hat working techniques which will help you to become a good Internet Marketing consultant. Our Internet Marketing training course ensures two major areas like Advanced Knowledge and Earning Scope – That’s makes our Internet Marketing courses unique.

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  • What distinguishes the internet from other marketing channels? What are the unique characteristics of the medium we call the web and how do people interact differently through this channel? Understanding the key differences between Digital and traditional channels is key to the success of any Internet Marketing campaign.

  • The basic concepts of Digital that have driven such seismic social and economic change are introduced in this opening module. These topics give you the key foundation on which to build an in-depth understanding of Internet Marketing channels.

    • • What’s different about digital?
    • • The trends in spend – persuasive facts to inspire you and your clients
    • • How does search and intent change the way it works
    • • An overview of the digital display market
    • • The digital advertising ecosystem
    • • Value through acquisition and the data relationship
    • • Common objections and how you might handle them
    • • Future trends – the multi-screen consumer.
    • • Explore the opportunities in multichannel planning
    • • Earned, owned and bought media working together
    • • Content, community, commerce and the buying path
    • • Evaluating the impact of the new media universe on the marketing funnel.
    • • Auditing current capabilities: people, process and tools.
    • • Reviewing principles of new media strategy.
    • • Goal setting in customer acquisition, conversion, retention and growth.
    • • Developing an online value proposition.
    • • Segmentation, targeting and positioning.
    • • Analysis of benefits of digital media from search marketing to social media.
    • • Selection of digital media tools and when/how to use them.
    • • Web analytics, benchmarking and evaluation of activity.
    • • Analytics Analysis
    • • Multi-Channel Funnels
    • • Advanced Reports
    • • Custom Reports
    • • ROI Analysis
  • This module focuses on the challenges and business practices associated with strategic advertising and brand management. Emphasis is placed on multi-faceted, integrated campaigns and media planning and buying by studying real examples of both successful and unsuccessful brand management companies working in the field. On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

    • • Investigate developments within the advertising and promotion sector to determine their potential impact on advertising and promotion strategies of a given organisation.
    • • Evaluate an organisation’s current advertising and promotion management practices, offering suggestions for their improvement.
    • • Construct and critically appraise an advertising and promotion process plan.
    • • Create and develop a media selection plan.
    • • Select and apply appropriate metrics to measure advertising and promotion returns.
  • Specific practical and analytical skills are a necessity when designing, implementing and monitoring effective public relations strategies. This module is, therefore, designed to encourage discussion, debate, and examination of the multiple options available to today's PR managers.

  • On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

    • • Investigate the relationship between organisational and public relations strategies.
    • • Determine the nature of corporate communications and its impact on the public relations management process.
    • • Ascertain the importance of effective cross-functional communication within the organisation and its influence on the effectiveness of external communication.
    • • Examine current developments in PR management and evaluate their potential impact on the corporate communications strategies of a given organisation.
    • • Critically evaluate the relationship between corporate image and corporate reputation in various organisations.
  • In this module you will master internet and Internet Marketing communication strategies as well as elements of law relevant to the digital media. You will also examine search engine methodology to get an understanding of their functioning.

  • On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

    • • Critically assess primary approaches to internet marketing and E-Promotion.
    • • Scrutinise effective strategies, tools and development approaches for Internet Marketing.
    • • Determine the relationship between effective internet and Internet Marketing communications strategies and successful public relations management.
    • • Evaluate the current internet and Internet Marketing communications practices in a global organisation before identification and critical appraisal of suggestions for their improvement.
    • • Analyse current developments in New Media and evaluate their potential impact on the internet and Internet Marketing communications strategies of a chosen organisation.

    Internet Marketing Channels

    Internet Marketing Strategy provides a comprehensive framework and understanding of the power of Internet Marketing including the latest technologies and applications. Students will gain an all rounded understanding on how to effectively apply Internet Marketing effectively. Key topics covered include Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Network marketing, Mobile Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Management etc

    Search Engine Marketing

    • - The Basics of Search Marketing
    • - How Paid Search marketing process works and how you can use it effectively?
    • - How Google AdWords bidding process works?
    • - What role Search can play in the overall marketing mix?
    • - Can Search advertising and Social advertising be used together?

    Search Engine Optimization

    • - The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
    • Learn Basics & advanced search engine optimization techniques
    • How White hat SEO process works and how you can use it effectively?
    • Learn Onpage Optimization factors As per Top Search Engines parameters and Guidelines?
    • - Learn Authority Link Buildings and Offpage techniques
    • - What role SEO can play in the overall marketing mix?
    • - How you can analyse and set strategy for your website SEO.
  • Current use of social networks in marketing activities is only the tip of the iceberg, with new tools and faster means of acquiring customers constantly being developed. This module develops your ability to provide detailed analysis of current organisations’ social media strategies.

  • On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

    • - • Examine the primary social media marketing strategies from a critical perspective.
    • • Identify and analyse effective social media marketing strategies, tools and development approaches for building brand awareness, increasing market share and entering new markets.
    • • Scrutinise the relationship between the design, deployment and implementation of social media marketing strategies.
    • • Evaluate the current social media marketing best practice at a global level, and identify ways to increase performances.
    • • Examine current developments in social media to evaluate their potential impact on the marketing strategies of a chosen organisation.
    • • How to arrive at a social media strategy aligned to business objectives
    • • - How to select platforms that work for your business - an integrated approach
    • • - How to set realistic goals for your brand
    • • - Content Strategy - Why it's critical for the brand
    • • - The Art and Science of Creating Content
    • • - How to map, measure using free and paid-for tools
    • • - Paid media - How to use small budgets intelligently
    • • - Assignment: Create a Social Media Program from scratch

    Mobile Marketing

    • - Mobile Marketing is beyond SMS Marketing. Understand the new mobile landscape and Mobile marketing ecosystem – Various players and platforms involved in mobile marketing system.
    • WAP banner advertising, How to leverage it for your brand?
    • - Does your brand need an app? How you can use apps for marketing
    • - Do I need an app or a Wap site?
    • - How to leverage mobile games to your advantage?
    • - Which are the different mobile Ad Networks available? How to leverage Mobile ad networks?
    • - How you can use SMS marketing in more interesting and creative way
    • - How mobile can provide various targeting possibilities?
    • - Are QR Codes useful? How QR Codes can be used creatively and effectively?

    Pay per click Management

  • - What is PPC
  • - How it works and Scope of work
  • - How you set your strategy for paid marketing channels.
  • - Google Adwords Account Set-up process.
  • Bid Optimization- learn How to optimize your account to ensure ROI.
  • - Creative Ad text writing. Learn Different type of ads for conversion.
  • - Campaign management and Goal Setup techniques
  • - Google analytics, A/B testing techniques
  • The internet has revolutionised marketing practice, changing the game for good. This module forms the link between theory and practice by constantly referring to the latest case studies in digital and internet marketing. On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:
    • 1. Critically examine the principal approaches to internet marketing management and customer/client acquisition in the modern marketing era.
    • 2. Identify and scrutinise effective internet marketing strategies, tools and development approaches for Internet marketing campaigns.
    • 3. Assess the relationship between effective internet marketing campaigns and firm performance and brand awareness.
    • 4. Evaluate the current internet marketing best practices in a global organisation and identify and critically appraise suggestions for improvement of these practices
    • 5. Analyse current developments in Internet marketing and evaluate their potential impact on the Internet marketing strategies of a chosen organisation.

    Display Advertising

      - Introduction to online marketing concepts
    • - What are different ad formats and how to use it in effective and interesting way?
    • - How ad inventory is bought and sold on internet?
    • - Why is targeting important and how to leverage it?
    • - Ad Networks. Are all Ad Networks same? What role Ad Networks can play in your marketing efforts? How to evaluate an Ad Network?
    • - How to allocate your advertising budget? Tips and Best practices.
    • How to track the effectiveness of your campaign?
    • - Group Assignment

    Email Marketing

    • - Introduction to Email marketing concepts
    • - Strategy for Effective Email Marketing
    • - Customer relationship Management, Newsletter management, Subscriber Management
    • - Email marketing Tools and Software Management

    Affiliate Management

    • - Why Affiliate Marketing?
    • - How you select best affiliate program for your website?
    • - Overview for top leading affiliate website: ClickBank, Comission Junction
    • - Setting up an affiliate program
    • - Best money making affiliate programs
    • - Landing Page Optimization for affiliate programs.
    • - Affiliate video marketing tactics
    • Video Marketing
    • - Introduction about Video Marketing
    • - How Video marketing helps to generate leads and Potential customers.
    • - How to make Viral Videos
    • - Effective Video marketing Strategy

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