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Our Course Modules

Learn advanced level web desigbing skills and implementation techniques which will help you to become a professional Web Designing consultant. Our Web Designing training course ensures two major areas like advanced web designing knowledge and earning scope after completing the web design course from our institute– That’s makes our web designing courses unique. Learn web designing courses from leading web designing training institute in Kolkata and prepare you as a professional web designer for future.

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We are not just Institute – We are the part of Compete Infotech, Where our team deliver Web Designing and Complete Web Designing solution to more than 500+ clients worldwide.

It’s always advisable to learn from those already adopt the Web Designing skill from their daily work and always updated through regular based jobs. We are more than 2000% better than those simply say expert after doing 2-3 month Web Designing as a link builder in any company and open an institute with Good looking receptionist.

We create a live environment where you will Love to learn Web Designing course from some of the good talented and more than 5 years experienced Web Designing consultant in Kolkata those still working with Compete Infotech as a Full time team leader or team Manager position. You will able to access Internet and Machine full time. We will also arrange extra classes to make sure you implemented the knowledge 100% practically in your website. So the work and rank results show you the growth.

  • This course is designed to instruct students in Web site construction and design. Students will learn HTML/CSS/JQuery coding and then be introduced to popular Web design and graphics programs including Dreamweaver, Photoshop and iMovie, as well as the content management system Wordpress. The course will cover the usage of graphics, sound and video and discuss the appropriateness of multimedia on Web sites for journalism, advertising, public relations, and e-commerce. Students will work on several small Web projects that will lead to a final multimedia project. The goal is to emphasize more than just the skills associated with individual programs, but the integration of several programs into designing effective and attractive Web sites.In addition, the class will address social and theoretical implications of technology, such as the digital divide, cyberlaw, e-commerce, and Web content credibility and accessibility.

    • Learn How to use the web effectively: You will get tips and techniques to get best results as per search query for an example giving ~tutorial also searches for keywords: guide, reference, tools, manual etc.
    • Email Etiquette Tips and Proper Practices: Tips on how to create effective email messages: includes email etiquette rules, sample email policies, Email attachment, configuring office outlook etc.
    • Office Packages overview: General Tips and techniques to use Microsoft office application smartly during the SEO activities. This class will help you to brush-up your knowledge and update yourself. General Tips and techniques to use Microsoft office application smartly during the SEO activities. This class will help you to brush-up your knowledge and update yourself.
    • Update yourself for HTML basics: We will guide you to understanding HTML elements, attributes, formatting, styles, linking, tagging, css and other important areas as per your basic requirement to guide the web designer team during optimization phase.
  • Learn how to choose domain name and register with your personal or business identity details.
    • Domain name: your domain name can play a big role in the perceived quality, linkworthiness, and clickworthiness of your website.
    • Subdomains: can be used to feature stand out content or segregate different content types.
  • To become a professional designer, it’s very important to sketch down the conceptual solutions from client source of inspiration to live site. These modules will help to understand client requirements, judgement, and evaluation through a live project. After these modules you will able to start preparing a mock up design layouts much better than anyone.

  • Get the clear and clean idea how to plan and design a website from a website architecure to Website development maintenance.

  • Learn all the techniques including latest tips and strategies of HTML, HTML tags, Webpage coding using HTML, Webpage coding using DIV, HTML Rules

    • Introduction to XHTML
    • Creating your first XHTML document
    • Adding graphics
    • Linking
    • Publishing XHTML documents
    • Frames
    • Tables
    • Forms
    • Formatting with style sheets
    • Metadata
    • XML DOM
    • XSLT
    • XPath
    • XQuery
    • XLink
    • XPointer
    • Schema
    • XSL-FO
    • SVG
    • Selectors & structure
    • Units & values
    • Text and font properties
    • Applying colors and backgrounds
    • Background techniques
    • Link properties
    • Authoring effective CSS rules
    • Writing and validating CSS design
    • Validation techniques
    • Topography design
    • Backgrounds, border & color
    • Linking
    • CSS
    • Overview
    • HTML5 Video/DOM
    • HTML5 Audio
    • HTML5 Drag and Drop
    • HTML5 Canvas
    • HTML5 SVG
    • HTML5 Canvas vs. SVG
    • HTML5 Geolocation
    • HTML5 Web Storage
    • HTML5 App Cache
    • HTML5 SSE
    • HTML5 Input Types
    • HTML5 Form Elements
    • HTML5 Form Attributes
    • HTML5 Tags
    • HTML5 Attributes
    • HTML5 Events
    • HTML Valid DTDs
    • Getting acquainted with JavaScript
    • Language essentials
    • Image basics
    • Fun with images
    • Working with browser window
    • Form handling
    • Making your pages dynamic
    • Handling events
    • Making pages dynamic
    • JavaScript and cookies
    • Working with DHTML
    • User interface design with JavaScript
    • Applied JavaScript
    • Bookmarks
    • Debugging common errors
    • Introduction to Photoshop
    • Importing and exporting images
    • Adjusting image size and orientation
    • Adjusting image color and balance
    • Using Photos in your website
    • Using Photos from the Internet and Copyright Issues
    • In-Depht of Special Photography Effects
    • Web design introduction
    • Site evaluation
    • Browser basics
    • The site design process
    • Target market
    • Planning the layout of your website
    • Planning browser compatibility
    • Planning the design of your web site
    • Planning the content of your web site
    • Navigating your site
    • Accessibility issues
    • Search engines
    • Validating your work
    • Effective visual presentation
    • What makes a good web site?
    • Web image preparation
    • File formats
    • Colors/displays
    • Essential image edits
    • W3C Introduction
    • W3C Process
    • W3C HTML
    • W3C XHTML
    • W3C XML
    • W3C CSS
    • W3C XSL
    • W3C Schema
    • W3C XPath
    • W3C XQuery
    • W3C DOM
    • W3C SOAP
    • W3C WSDL
    • W3C RDF
    • W3C Other
    • DHTML JavaScript
    • DHTML Events
    • DHTML Summary
    • CSS3 Introduction
    • CSS3 Borders
    • CSS3 Backgrounds
    • CSS3 Text Effects
    • CSS3 Fonts
    • CSS3 2D Transforms
    • CSS3 3D Transforms
    • CSS3 Transitions
    • CSS3 Animations
    • CSS3 Multiple Columns
    • CSS3 User Interface
    • CSS3 Browser Support
    • CSS3 Selectors
    • CSS3 Reference Aural
    • CSS3 Web Safe Fonts
    • CSS3 Units
    • CSS3 Colors
    • CSS3 Color Values
    • CSS3 Color Names
    • CSS3 Color HEX
    • Design SEO friendly Templates.We will guide you with all the materials including live website.
    • Transfer your PSD files to HTML.
    • We will guide you all the methodlogies of how to transfer one desing to other form of coding.
    • LEarn how to design creative and eye catchy logo in all present file formats needed in this business industry.
    • Learn how to make your logo a brand for your Clients.
    • Internet access & HTML
    • Creating a web site
    • Building a web site
    • Adding content to web pages
    • Working with links
    • Enhancing navigation in a site
    • Managing and uploading a web site
    • Rollovers & navigation bars
    • Libraries
    • Head elements/ keyboard shortcuts
    • Style sheets
    • Layers
    • The history panel
    • Browser targeting / code tools
    • Creating forms
    • We will show and will guide you with live implementations on how to design user friendly websites in PHP, Wordpress, Joomla ,.Net, Drupal
    • Introduction to business on the net
    • Internet basics
    • Internet business strategy: corporate communication
    • Internet business strategy: marketing
    • Internet business strategy: direct sales
    • Getting connected
    • Internet strategic planning
    • Other benefits to connecting
    • Learn the basics of SEO, How to make your designs more search engine friendly, user friendly., Tips and Tips how to make only by SEO designs.
    • Learn how you can earn money through online activities.
    • Learn how to bid on popular freelancing websites like freelancer.com, elance.com, guru.com, getacoder.com, Upwork.com etc.
    • Learn how to complete a project life cycle
    • Learn how to interact with your clients
    • Tips to manage quick reporting for technically strong clients.
    • Learn tips and techniques to manage whole SEO operation to manage SEO team leaders, Web designer team, content writer team, link building team, web developer team to execute the campaign successfully.

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