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Will it amaze you to know that 14,238,227,900 people all over the world (Source: visit websites or use internet just like you do? If you feel excited about the above information then this is the ideal course for you.

It was a 100% correct decision that you made for learning SMO from a Digital Marketing or a SMO Institute. You have the aptitude to understand online business and the aptitude to make money and establish your life.

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Categorization of the course in 3 parts:

You are the one who is able to rule SMO and the Internet Marketing Industry in a couple of Months.

We use a heady mix of case studies, competitor analysis, Role plays, Project activity, and applications of recommended from all modules within attached websites along with the audio-visual clips with the Power Point presentations for making the learning technique close to 90% experimental.

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The Learning Prospects Become Higher:

It is either from a full or a part time job. Work from home, associate marketing, freelancing, blogging, etc. Having your own business- You all will be given 3 keys which will help you in earning additional money. Our qualified SMO adviser will guide you in understanding and implementing all actions for achieving progress with SMO.

Parts of the Course:

You will be taught conclusive components along with White Hat working methods. These will aid you in becoming a competent SMO (Social Media Optimization) consultant. The SMO training module that we follow focuses on Advanced Knowledge and Earning Potential- Making our SMO course one of a kind.

Unparallel X-factor of our SMO course- We provide a brand-new website for SMO live enforcement.

Not just a mere institute- We are a branch of Compete Infotech, with our crew providing SMO and Exhaustive Digital Marketing resolutions to 500+ clients all around the world.

It is recommended that we learn the SMO skill from people who are already adept at it through their daily work and stay updated by their regular jobs. Our course is 2000% improved when compared with those which will make you an expert SMO after 2-3 months as a link developer in any organization and begin an institute with a beautiful receptionist.

You will be taught in an energetic ambiance by greatly talented SMO consultants having a rich experience of 5+ years based at Kolkata and who work with Compete Infotech as Full Time Team Leader or are managing a team. You will be provided with complete access to internet facility and a computer. Additional classes will be arranged to ensure accomplishment of complete knowledge in your website and also to display your performance and improved ranking, which will show your progress.

Our Course Modules

Learn positive characteristics and White Hat working techniques which will help you to become a good SMO (Social Media Optimization) consultant. Our SMO training course ensures two major areas like Advanced Knowledge and Earning Scope – That’s makes our SMO courses unique.

Unique X-Factor for Our SMO Course - Free virgin new website for SMO Live Implementation!!

We are not just Institute – We are the part of Compete Infotech, Where our team deliver SMO and Complete Digital Marketing solution to more than 500+ clients worldwide.

It’s always advisable to learn from those already adopt the SMO skill from their daily work and always updated through regular based jobs. We are more than 2000% better than those simply say expert after doing 2-3 month SMO as a link builder in any company and open an institute with Good looking receptionist.

We create a live environment where you will Love to learn SMO course from some of the good talented and more than 5 years experienced SMO consultant in Kolkata those still working with Compete Infotech as a Full time team leader or team Manager position. You will able to access Internet and Machine full time. We will also arrange extra classes to make sure you implemented the knowledge 100% practically in your website. So the work and rank results show you the growth.

  • Is social media the right path for the organization to spend its capitalization on? This is a executive summary, in which Jennifer Evans Cario provides an insight into the objectives of social media and opportunities that is present with a list of social media tools and applications that can be utilized in the business, irrespective of its type. The landscape of social media includes the key components of customer interactions and social presence.

    • Acknowledging social media
    • Importance of social media to a business enterprise
    • Executive summary of advanced techniques of social media
    • Important ways that brand inform social media
    • Improved practices in PR, monetization, customer service and executive strategy prior to social media
    • Gathering feedback from the consumers through the social media platform
    • Inside story about the app store.
  • The process of setting up of the primal social networks in platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Project, LinkedIn so that the customer can possess a well aligned and defined façade in place.

  • It is important to listen first. Only when social listening is done, can customer preferences and competitor activities be understood.

    • Specialized advice on the monitoring of the reputation and the brand
    • Carefully listening to avoid crisis before it happens
    • To identify the money making opportunities
    • Careful attention for the next big innovation
    • Identification of the accurate content to be marketed through social media
    • Understanding how content would reach more people
    • Monetizing the content successfully
    • Implementing social media tools and services to create relevant content
    • Engaging interactivity through content driven strategies
    • Connecting to customers through the lifecycle to support commercial goals and amplifications
  • Employing an integrated interaction and connection strategy inclusive of editorial conversational calendars and reputation management

    • Social media influencing communications
    • Publicly solving of private problems
    • Monetizing of the communication tools and other methods
    • Management of communications in social media
  • Identification and segmentation of the influencers to create and develop far outreaching strategies

  • Moving towards social business, evaluate how management would transform to create successful social media internal culture and processes across the business enterprise

  • Social Media Optimization is used to improve the results. The continual innovation changes the future landscape

    • Calculating the brand preference and impact in social media
    • Computing the ROI and customer satisfaction in social media
    • Analyzing the social media efforts
    • Established social media metric tools
    • Key legality issues and other danger areas in social media
    • Tangible tips for legal issues in social media
    • Acknowledgement of the social media policies
    • Important contracts and related enforceability problems
    • Possible responsibility for intellectual property law violations
    • Purple Cow saleable
    • Case studies: Adoption of social media by advertising institutes, PR firms and Fortune
    • 500 enterprises
    • Case study: Experiments on profitable social media
    • Piloting of the social media projects
    • Methods the customer affect the online reputation
    • Provision of customer support through the social media
    • Insight from social media can better the services and products
    • Connotation of crisis
    • Core crisis management theory
    • Utilizing the social media to manage the crisis
  • Ranging from personal blogs to the business blogs, to the corporate blogs, you will learn what to do, how to do and why is it important to do so. The series would be including being engaged with blogging communities to get bloggers writing content for you.

  • You will learn:
    • Defining Blogs, Blogging
    • Monitoring and Analyzing Blogs
    • Corporate Blogging
    • Meeting the challenges when starting with one’s own blog
    • Implementing the best practice, this would include the tips of grabbing attention and tactics to avoid.
    • Process of leveraging social media tie-ins for creating connections and spreading awareness about the blog
    • The process of crafting the perfect pitches to ensure the conveyance of the message and shared by the other bloggers
    • What makes a corporate blog successful, and examples of blogs done right.
    • Finding Your Company’s Blog Voice
    • Choosing Your Company’s Blog Platform
    • Joining the Conversation
  • Our proficient teacher will explain the video opportunities, how YouTube works, and how to take advantage of YouTube as a social media-marketing tool. It would also include some tips on increasing the reach for the online video from production to promotion. He will also explain why "shoot first, ask questions later" as he shares tips for reaching the right audience, explains the difference between the broadcast era and the social media era, and reveals tips for achieving the elusive "viral" video.

  • You will learn:
    • Process of leveraging embedded videos
    • Procedure of making YouTube the center of video marketing efforts
    • Increasing the likelihood of videos going “viral”
    • Process of identifying the opinion leaders in the niche
    • Procedure of using YouTube insights for useful video analytics
  • Learning strategies and case studies that would surround the versatile business tool, you will get introduced to Twitter community and understand what components are available for the management of your stream. To find people interested in networking with you, and tracking the success of the tweets, you will also see many ways the business of different sizes taking opportunities of this medium to provide superior customer support and build brand loyalty and increase sales.

  • You will learn:
    • The available tools to market Twitter
    • How to track clicks to your links with URL shortening services.
    • How to search Twitter for keywords relevant to your business?
    • The business goals you can set up and achieve by using Twitter.
    • How you as a small, medium, or large business can successfully utilize Twitter.
  • Facebook is not limited to being a network for college students, its purpose is a social media website that is used by individuals to share status updates, links, photos, videos, and more. You will learn, how to reach the over 250 million members of Facebook to engage your community, build brand, and establish loyalty in your business.

  • You will learn:
    • Business strategies in Facebook that work
    • Creating your fan base on Facebook through fan pages.
    • How companies are using Facebook to interact with their customers.
    • How to use Facebook to build links to your website.
    • Leveraging marketing options on Facebook.
  • Expect the message to go viral? With no magic mantra to ascertain success, there are core fundamentals that can be used to increase the odds. Jennifer breaks down the key elements of the good viral marketing campaign, showing how humor can be used, fear, egotism and attacks that would help ignite that elusive word-of-mouth marketing buzz. She also shares some personal campaigns checklist that is used to enhance the viral potential of the message that would show the execution of her own successful viral marketing campaigns on the budget.

  • You will learn:
    • The four rules of viral marketing.
    • How to get free ad space to promote your message.
    • How to make your message concrete in the minds of your consumers.
    • How to tap into emotions to get better results.
  • It is revealing an extensive set of opportunities and possibilities that go beyond the photo sharing. Some tools like the groups, networks, sharing comments are tools that can be used to bring about the people together and expose them to services and products. One shouldn’t be underestimating the power of image and the opportunities that it would present to the business through the versatility of Flickr.

  • You will learn:
    • Participating in the Flickr community for profit and staying within the rules and playing nice.
    • The networking opportunities available on Flickr.
    • Using Flickr to lay the groundwork for future social media pushes.
    • Using Flickr to establish you as an expert in the community.
    • How to successfully generate publicity and goodwill for your brand.
  • Having an enormous impact on the connections that we build; LinkedIn goes a long way towards pre-qualifying your stature in the business community amidst the other colleagues. Social media experts associated with is will show how to make most of the account with the features of recommendations, groups, events, questions and answers and everything else that would build awareness for the company and yourself.

  • You will learn:
    • What can be the tangible benefits of LinkedIn?
    • Management and growth of contacts in the LinkedIn network.
    • Creation of events in LinkedIn
    • Leveraging marketing opportunities on LinkedIn.
  • Explaining the importance of Press Releases in this digital age, we would be outlining the way to optimize the press release and submit them to various online news engines and directories for providing maximum effect and exposure.

  • You will learn:
    • Choosing and Positioning the keywords in the press releases
    • Adding links to the press release
    • Using services to distribute the press release
    • Measuring the success of press release and its impact on the outcome of the business
    • Balancing of the Press Releases with other media relations
    • Defining Widgets
    • Widgets as A Marketing Channel
    • Examples of Marketers Embracing The Space
    • Benchmarks For Success
    • Defining Podcasting
    • Audio vs. Video
    • How do one get advantage from these tools through the Social Media platform
    • Setting up of the business goals and achieving them through the usage of Twitter
    • All sizes of business ranging from small, medium to big businesses utilize Twitter
    • Defining Wikis
    • The Wiki As A Marketing Channel
    • Examples of Marketers Embracing The Space
    • Benchmarks For Success
    • Defining CGC
    • Understanding the CGC
    • Enabling Clients To Live Your Brand
    • Defining Tags
    • Organizing Information: Hierarchical vs. Tagging
    • How Works
    • How Tagging would help in the content getting reviewed?
    • Internal Tagging
    • Leveraging "Cloud" Tags
  • You will learn:
    • What is social bookmarking?
    • Setting the appropriate strategy for social bookmarking platform
    • Working of the social bookmarking site
    • Some successful tips for the generation of more traffic from other social bookmaking sites
    • Deployment of social media in a campaign
    • Election Results
    • Podcasts
    • Social media success stories
    • Communications decency act
    • Effective use of social media by businesses

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